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March 2021

Network Opportunities.

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Welcome to the 103rd edition of The Corporate Finance Network’s monthly Network Opportunities newsletter. You’ll see some changes this month. We’ve put in new rules so that all the entries in this newsletter are now ready to sell or are actively looking for acquisitions, not just open to a discussion. We hope this will mean that communications will be more focused on completing a deal sooner and the process will be more efficient. If you have received this, please do look through our opportunities to see if there are any which may be of interest to you or your contacts.

What a few weeks the corporate finance industry has had as some businesses aimed to crystallise their tax position before the Budget! And whilst there weren’t any groundbreaking announcements about the capital tax regime in the end, an overhaul may still be on the cards if consultations are announced on Tax Day – 23rd March. So watch this space!

At The Corporate Finance Network we strive to ensure our member firms’ clients are well prepared for sale, so that if the need arose to exit swiftly, they were ready and attractive to purchasers. Similarly, despite our nation not being a particularly acquisitive one, we always encourage owner managed businesses to consider acquisition as a strategic option for growth – and there’s never going to be a better time than now to look at the opportunities to purchase businesses across many sectors.

So we’re delighted to announce on the following page a selection of deals completed by our firms in the past month and next month we’ll share the pre-Budget deals – including one which completed at 11.58pm the night before Budget day!

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