North Yorkshire-based accountancy firm Hunter Gee Holroyd (HGH), has negotiated on behalf of the vendors who were in a dispute regarding the amount owed as part of a deal involving deferred consideration. 

Mark Grewer, Director of Corporate Finance at HGH was approached by his client after a disagreement of the amount owed emerged between the vendors and buyers of a business. HGH’s client, the vendors, and buyers had a £19,000 gap between what they thought was owed based on the completion accounts within the deal.

Mark and the HGH Corporate Finance team reviewed all of the original deal documentation and became the key point of contact on behalf of his client. After reviewing the documentation, Mark negotiated the amount up to over 250% from £11,000 to £28,500.

Thanks to the proactive approach of the HGH team, the vendors received an additional £17,500 from the original buyer.

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