Presentation to use at launch event of National MBO Training Programme – intended audience of banks, lawyers & other professionals. Speaker notes included.

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For potential MBO teams, a letter (wording agreed by employment lawyers) for the business owner to give to his management or potential MBO team

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Get to know your potential MBO team

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A template for letters to management teams of groups regarding MBOs, introducing your firm and your MBO services.

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Vendor Information Pack for MBOs
Explanations of MBOs and tips and National MBO Training Programme

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Vendor Information Pack for MBOs MBO management buyout owner

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We appreciate it's a difficult time for smaller businesses including those still trying to access funding via #BounceBackLoans. If you don’t currently bank with an accredited lender @moneysavingexp's article may be helpful in detailing steps you can take

Sorry I’m on radio silence - back to back calls atm working on the launch of #LeaveNoBusinessBehind for accountants & their SME clients. Amazed how quickly the accountants are pre-registering on this page So pleased it’s gathering momentum #accountants

@TaxwriterLtd @TheCFN @sharonjcooke And the devolution aspects are mindblowing for nationwide employers: traineeships and apprenticeship England only (unless others do something similar), CJRS3 will be UK and kickstarts GB as linked to UC so sep N ireland rules!

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