Albert Goodman, a member of The Corporate Finance Network based in South West England with six offices, has advised the owners of holiday agency on its sale to a public company. 

The Albert Goodman team, led by Director of Corporate Finance, Neil Hutchings was approached by his client during the pandemic, when they decided to consider options for selling their business. Having never had an experience during such a situation, the owner sought advice from Albert Goodman regarding the process of selling a business including identifying buyers and negotiating price.

Neil and the Albert Goodman Corporate Finance team assisted the client, first by creating a list of potential buyers. Once buyers began declaring interest negotiations began with interested parties. The process was particualry challenging because it was during the height of the pandemic when the industry was virtually shut down.

However the Albert Goodman corporate finance team extensively yet confidentially marketed the business and identified a a large public company who was keen to acquire the business. Neil and the team negotiated the initial offer up by 30%. They also led their client through commercial and tax implications of the transaction and Share Purchase Agreement (SPA).

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