Dyke Yaxley, a member of The Corporate Finance Network with two offices in Shropshire and one in the United States has advised a housebuilder on a shareholder and loan agreement.

Laurie Riley, Managing Director at Dyke Yaxley was approached by one of the firm’s longstanding clients to advise them on financing a new business project. The Dyke Yaxley team provided a range of options before deciding to progress with a shareholder and loan agreement.

As part of the Dyke Yaxley service, they reviewed cashflows and profit forecasts for the project on behalf of their client to ensure profitability and a positive return, assisted the solicitors with preparing the shareholders and loan agreements for a new company and advised on the financial and commercial aspects of the agreements.

The outcome was a successful completion of the loan, enabling the company to progress forward with their new business project.

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