McBrides, a member of The Corporate Finance Network based in Kent and South East London, has advised the shareholders of a business to sell its property before liquidating the company. 

McBrides Corporate Finance Partner, Nigel Kimber, was approached by his client as they sought advice for disposing of shares within their business. Nigel and the McBrides Corporate Finance team analysed all options including the possibility of a share deal. However, after liaising with all parties it was decided that purchasing the property out of the company was the only workable solution under the current circumstances.

Nigel and the McBrides Corporate Finance team advised the sellers throughout the property sale process then introduced their client to a liquidator and liaised throughout to ensure that the company liquidation was completed successfully. McBrides also advised the principal shareholder on the tax implications of the transaction.

The outcome was a successful sale of the company property and the business was subsequently liquidated.

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