The next National Conference of The Corporate Finance Network has been announced and will be on the theme of ‘Negotiations & Valuations’ on 7th March at Ramside Hall, Durham

The UK & EU negotiating teams may well be all over the press, but The Chairman of The Corporate Finance Network, Kirsty McGregor, believes her team can show them a thing or two! “Negotiating a deal to buy or sell an owner-managed business is probably the most difficult thing to do in corporate finance. Not only do you have the usual considerations of market, the future stability & growth of the business’ financials, but you also have to carefully handle the expectations of an entrepreneur with a personal relationship to this business, with a history and usually with egos too!  The member firms of our network have within them some of the best and most experienced SME negotiators in the UK, having led thousands of deals between them to successful conclusions.

“And in this day and age, the role has changed, almost beyond recognition of those deal makers from 10 years ago. Markets have emerged or shrunk. Lenders or investors have left the scene and a new breed has appeared.  Digitalisation removes opportunities for face to face negotiations & with it the cues of body language, tone of voice & charismatic personalities are less influential. And the economic outlook is uncertain.

“All these factors, and more, will be discussed and debated at our conference. We are joined by key figures in the SME world including NVM, Metis Partners, Capitalise and Duff & Phelps, with more experienced negotiators to be announced for the Discussion Panel in due course. It promises to be a memorable event!”

The Corporate Finance Network will also be launching a new ‘ready-reference’ valuation tool exclusively for its members, which has been created by its Corporate Researcher over the past two years.

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