Dyke Yaxley, a member of The Corporate Finance Network with two offices in Shropshire and one in the United States, has assisted the shareholders raising funds for their property management company. 

Dyke Yaxley, was approached by their longstanding client who sought advice for a short term capital requirement to support working capital.

The Dyke Yaxley corporate finance team assisted in preparing the information for their application and referred them to Capitalise who approached a number of lenders in order to obtain multiple offers for their client. They managed to secure a very acceptable offer from Funding Circle and the unsecured loan was funded within a week.

Alongside the funding, Dyke Yaxley had also explored options around HMRC TTP which led to an introduction to Kroll to negotiate on the clients behalf. An agreement was successfully put in place with HMRC giving their client more working capital headroom.


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